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"In their first EP, SWEET TOOTH, Soul Candy perfectly balanced their unique and lively sound with melodies that make you feel like you're levitating but still somehow firmly planted on the ground."- The Tally Beat

"Soul Candy cultivates a harmonious blend of rhythm and blues, funk, soul, and pop."- Tallahassee Democrat

"As evidenced by its large fanbase and growing eminence, “Soul Candy” has proven its prowess and, like the ambitions of any bona fide local band, has perked ears beyond its home scene and landed a spot in the “Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival.”- FSU News


Soul Candy is an R&B/Funk/Soul/Pop fusion band founded in Tallahassee, FL by singer, songwriter and producer Farah Bijou in 2020. Gilbert Voegtlin, trained as a Jazz pianist, is a lover of sounds that will make you dance, cry, or both. Bassist Andrew Rafferty plays with a hypnotic presence and style that is unmatched. Drummer Lawrence Turner is the band's heartbeat, bringing a magnetic vibrance to their distinct dance-heavy sound. Bijou's mesmerizing stage presence; nuanced, introspective lyrics; and masterful vocals are the icing on the cake.


The band's debut release, "Sweet tooth" is a testament to the band's journey as they quickly dominate the music scene in North Florida. The lyrics of “Bloom,” track one of the EP, came from a poem Bijou wrote about heartbreak, her love for music, and most importantly, who she sees herself becoming as she “grows through the motions” of life. The sweetness of the melody of the chorus and lyrical allusions to nature give the song a simultaneous feeling of strong grounding and gentle comfort, as well as a relatable timelessness for the listener’s own journey through life.


In conjunction, their second single on the EP, “Yerba,” is an infectious Latin funk-pop tune. The song speaks on the anxieties surrounding outside influences being all too present in the pursuit of dreams.


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Live video

notable performances

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, Grand Artique Stage,

March 2023

Tallahassee Downtown Concert Series, Cascades Park Amphitheater, July 2023

Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta GA, October 2022

A multitude of venues in Tallahassee FL including Fire Betty's Arcade Bar, House of Music, Club Downunder, Oyster City Brewing Co., and more.

Potbelly's Live Music Revival Series, Tallahassee FL, February 2021

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* Soul Candy has their own sound system when one is not provided

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